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Republican Elected Officials/Elections

Medina County Elected Republican Office Holders

                                                                       2023 SCHOOL BOARD ELECTIONS

                                                                    Last day to register to vote-April 6, 2023

                                                                             More candidate info to come









                                                                             Save The Lone Star State

Texas has had the "Lone Star State" nickname for a very long time and the name is represented in our Texas flag. This flag stands for who we are as Texans with the single star as the official seal of
Texas. The Red in our flag represents bravery of the people who fought to keep her in times of danger and Blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice. The white star represents unity among the people with each of the star's points representing each letter in TEXAS. Both the United States and Texas flag are a symbol for everything our country represents and the core values that conservative hold and live by. Conservatives take PRIDE in our flags by showing respect during the Pledge of Allegiance and singing the national anthem as we salute the red, white and blue. We are thankful for the sacrifice our veterans willingly gave in order to serve and protect our country to keep her free. Our flags stand for Freedom which gives us the power to act, speak and think as one wants without restraints. America is home of the free because of the brave. Our flags represent strength and are one of the main pillars of America. Strength and cooperation have historically been the key to American prosperity. Our flag symbolizes hope and the American dream, that anything is possible. When you think of America, you think of parades, fireworks and apple pie. America offers jobs and freedoms with the Declaration of Independence instilling that all men are born and created equal.

Everything our flags stand for is in jeopardy and the left is slowly destroying our country, our freedoms, our rights and our liberties. YOU can make a difference and YOU can be a part of the solution by voting. This election is so important if we are going to take back our state and country to protect our conservative values. This is the time to let your voices be heard to close our borders, protect our constitutional rights, save our schools and our children, keep traditional families, church and God in our communities and hold our elected officials accountable to work for the people.

As President Ronald Reagan stated "Those that have the most to lose, do the least to protect it. If we lose freedom there is no place else to escape to, this is the last stand."

Vote to save Texas, Vote to save our country, Vote for our constitution, Vote for our children and grandchildren, Vote for freedom, Vote for our future, Vote in this election.....we are counting on each and everyone of you to vote and vote REPUBLICAN.

- Julie Clark
Medina County Republican Chair


Provide an addition to the Medina County Tax Regulations that will provide for the freezing of the ad valorem tax amount for Medina County Taxes on the homestead of an individual at least 65 years of age.  The tax amount shall become effective January 1, 2023 for those individuals over 65 on that date and then every year thereafter for persons reaching 65 years of age in the prior year.


Ratifying the ad valorem tax rate of $1.1246 in D'hanis independent school district for the current year, a rate that will result in an increase of 11.34 percent in maintenance and operations tax revenue for the district for the current year, as compared to the preceding year, which is an additional $400,000.


  • Monday April 24, 2023 -First day of EARLY voting by personal appearance

  • Tuesday  April 25, 2023-Last day to apply for ballot by mail received, not postmarked

  • Tuesday May 2, 2023-Last day of EARLY voting by personnal appearance

  • Saturday May 6, 2023-Last day to receive ballot by mail.


  • Saturday May 6, 2023



  • Info to come


  • Info to come

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