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By Laws

December 19, 2023


The name of this organization shall be the Medina County Republican Party Executive Committee, hereinafter referred to as the Executive Committee or the MCEC

Section 1- The purpose of the Executive Committee shall be:

  • Establish general policies to promote the Medina County Republican Party, subject to the direction of the biennial Senatorial District and State Conventions.

  • Promote the positions of the Republican Party and the election of Republican candidates.

  • Exercise those powers conferred on it by the Texas Election Code and the Republican Party of Texas, hereinafter referred to as the Party.

  • Cooperate in carrying out such programs as are requested by the Party or the Republican National Committee and legal requirements under Texas election code.

  • Foster and promote growth in the party and provide opportunities for full participation in the party to all Medina County residents who subscribe to the beliefs and principles of the Party.

Section 2- The MCEC is charged with observing all Texas Election laws, United States election code and Party Rules.  Violations or disregard for these directives, intentional or otherwise, may result in the CEC choosing not to ratify any or all recommendations of the member(s).


Section 1- The voting members of the Executive Committee (MCEC), when conducting official business required by the Texas Election Code shall be the County Chair and the Precinct Chairs. Officers and Committee Chairs who are not Precinct Chairs may serve as ex-officio (non-voting) members of the CEC.

Section 2- To qualify to hold office on the MCEC, one must be a qualified voter residing within the bounds of the entity represented and must be affiliated and an active member of the local chapter with the Party in the year in which the person is elected. Neither a County Chair nor a Precinct Chair can be a holder of elected public office at the County, State or federal level or be a candidate for such office. They may not be a convicted felon or have been previously convicted of voter fraud. They may not have been censured by any county within the United States or have voted in a Democrat primary in the prior seven (7) years.

Section 3-  The term of office shall be for two (2) years, commencing on the 20th day after the Run-off Primary Election Day, as provided for in Section 171.022(c) of the Texas Election Code.

Section 4- A majority of the total membership of the MCEC must participate in filling the vacancy of a County Chair or Precinct Chair position.  The person selected must receive a majority of the votes cast by those members participating in the election, as provided by Section 171.024(a) and 171.025 of the Texas Election Code and the rules of the Party [see Section 171.024(c) for exception]. Notice of a resignation of death on the MCEC, and of an election to fill such a vacancy shall be included in the notice of call of a meeting and shall be sent to the MCEC no less than 10 days prior to the meeting.  The written call shall be sent pursuant to Article V of these Bylaws.  In the event of a vacancy in the office of Secretary, the Chairman, subsequent to notification, shall notify the MCEC members in writing.  The vacancy shall be filled by the CEC at the next regular meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose.  The written call shall be sent to the MCEC no less than 10 days prior to the meeting called for such purpose and delivered pursuant to Article V of the bylaws.
Section 5- (Permanent State Executive Committee Rule)-Pursuant to Rule 8A of the Rules of the Republican Party of Texas, persons filing for the office of County Chair in a county with a minimum of eight (8) incumbent precinct chairmen shall include a nominating petition containing the signatures of at least 50 percent of the incumbent precinct chairs serving on the County Executive Committee, or eight (8) whichever is greater, using a form promulgated by the Republican Party of Texas.  The nominating petition shall contain the candidate’s sworn oath that each of the signatures thereon is of an incumbent Precinct Chair and was signed in the presence of the candidate. Any county executive committee of a county with a population of fewer than 300,000 may, by majority vote, opt out of this requirement.



Section 1- Officers of the MCEC shall be the County Chair, County Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.  The County Chair shall appoint the Vice Chairmen and Treasurer, subject to confirmation by a majority of the MCEC members present and voting, immediately upon assuming office.  The Treasurer may perform all duties of that office prior to and following confirmation.  The County Vice Chair must also be a precinct chairman. In no case shall the offices of Vice Chair or Treasurer be vacant more than ninety (90) days. The CEC will fill these positions should the Chair fail to make the appointments:

  • Within 90 days of the Organizational Meeting

  • Within 90 days of vacancy in the position.

  • Or if the MCEC fails to ratify an appointment within 90 days.


The CEC will fill these positions by a majority vote of the MCEC members present and voting at the next regular meeting, or a special meeting called for that purpose.  The Secretary shall be elected by the Executive Committee following commencement of term of office.

Section 2- The term of office of the officers shall run concurrent with that of the Executive Committee, except in the event of a vacancy in the office of County Chair (at which time the appointed officers shall serve only until the election of a new County Chair).

Section 3-   A vacancy in the office of County Chair or Precinct Chair shall be filled by the MCEC in accordance with the provisions of Section 171.024 and 171.025 of the Texas Election Code and these bylaws. A vacancy in the office of Secretary shall be filled by the Executive Committee upon written notice of the vacancy from the Chairman to the CEC members.
Section 4- Duties of officers shall be those prescribed by parliamentary authority adopted by the Executive Committee and these Bylaws as listed below:

  • County Chair.The County Chair shall be the MCEC’s presiding officer.  The Chair shall perform those duties required by the Texas Election Code, by the Rules of The Republican Party of Texas and by these Bylaws. If the County Chair fails to perform his or her prescribed duties the County Vice Chairman, the Secretary, or the Precinct Chairs shall act in the County Chairs place. The Chair may not enter into any contract, written or verbal, which causes the MCEC to be legally obligated in any manner without the majority vote of the MCEC members present and voting at the meeting.  The Chair shall be an ex-officio member of all County Standing and Special committees.  The County Chair may be a member of the Texas Republican County Chair’s Association, and any assessments or dues are to be paid by the MCEC.

  • County Vice Chair.The County Vice Chair shall assist the Chair as requested in the performance of any non-statutory duties of the office.  The Vice Chairman may not perform any statutory duties as outlined by state law but may assist in any other functions of the County chairman including the appointment to committees if the County Chair is unavailable.

  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping systematic financial records, preparation of financial reports and for complying with any applicable state and federal statutes with regard to reporting contributions and expenditures. The Treasurer shall prepare a current report of financial conditions for presentation to the MCEC at each regularly schedule meetings. There will be two (2) signatories on the bank accounts, but only one signature will be required. A fifty dollar ($50) discretionary spending allowance without a vote and anything over fifty dollars ($50) will require a majority vote.

  • The Secretary shall carry out the usual duties of that office, keeping an up-to-date roll of the MCEC’s members and ensuring that each member receives timely notices of meetings.  A permanent file containing minutes of the Executive Committee, and general meetings shall be maintained. In the event of a vacancy in the office of County Chair, the Secretary shall call a meeting of the Executive Committee for the purpose of electing a new County Chair, as provided for in Section 171.025 of the Texas Election Code. The Secretary is authorized to receive applications for a place on the Primary Ballot, as provided for in the Texas Election Code in Section 172.022(a)(2)

  • Precinct Chairs. Precinct Chairs shall comprise the majority of the MCEC, shall approve the expenditures of the MCEC funds, control social media accounts and act as the primary management and guidance of the MCEC. Precinct Chairs shall plan, coordinate, and conduct precinct conventions at least two weeks prior to the County Convention. Precinct Chairs shall be trained to act as Deputy Voter Registrars, train to work elections as judges, clerks, poll watchers, ballot board or signature board. Precinct Chairs shall participate in fundraising events, parades, political forums and support other local counties. You are encouraged to attend both State and National Conventions as delegates or alternates.



Section 1- The MCEC shall meet upon the call of the Chair at such times as required by the Texas Election Code, as provided by these Bylaws in succeeding sections of this Article and by the rules of the Party.  All meetings of the MCEC will be open to all interested Party members except that the Chair or theMCEC may declare an Executive (closed) session for the purpose of considering confidential matters with a two-thirds vote of the members of the MCEC present and voting.  Any Party member may be allowed to speak, after being recognized by a member of the MCEC, to offer information, comments, or to give opinions; but may not make motions. The comments will be limited to three (3) minutes.  A meeting at which general business is to be discussed cannot be declared closed (see RPT Rules 8g and SREC Bylaws V.1.)

Section 2- In each even-numbers year, the County Chair shall call an Organizational Meeting of the CEC to be held within 45 days of the date the new MCEC takes office.  As required by RPT Rules, the County Chair must provide written notice to the MCEC by USPS, email or text a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to the Organizational Meeting. The call of the meeting will include the proposed bylaws unless provided earlier to the MCEC members.

Section 3- The County Chair will provide notice of regular meetings, to include a proposed agenda, as set forth in Section 1 above, to each MCEC member at least ten (10) days prior to the meetings.  The MCEC will meet at least quarterly in a month and date approved by a two-thirds (66%) vote of the MCEC members present and voting. Any meeting (regular, emergency, or special) may be conducted through use of electronic meeting services when circumstances would not allow an in-person service will be designated by the MCEC members. Electronic meetings must allow for real time sharing and viewing of committee documents, including the current motion, any amendments to the motions, and any reports that the committee considers. Any member of the MCEC who is unable to attend a meeting in person may attend electronically but no more than two consecutive meetings may be attended electronically.

Section 4- Emergency meetings may be called by the County Chair with a minimum of five (5) days’ notice to the Executive Committee members. Between regular meetings, the County Chair will address the CEC on matters requiring an immediate decision, by email. An immediate decision is defined as one requiring an action in a timeframe that does not allow time to call an emergency meeting.  The Secretary shall call the meeting in the event the County chair is unable or fails to act.
Section 5- Special meeting shall be held on petition of a minimum of twenty-five (25) percent of Precinct Chairs. Notice of such meeting must be sent by the County Chair to each member of the MCEC, to include proposed agenda, and held no earlier than five (5) days after presentations of the petition to the Secretary and /or County Chair.  The Secretary shall call the meeting in the event the County Chair is unable or fails to act.

Section 6-  All meetings' notices must be in writing, email, text or by postage paid letter, and include the date, time, and location of the meeting.  The location of all meetings must be in a setting accessible to the general public.  A notice must include an agenda including the purpose of the meeting and stating any business requiring a vote by the MCEC to be conducted at the meeting.

  • Precinct Chairs shall have items included on the agenda for consideration and action provided they submit proposed Agenda items, in writing, within seventy-two (72) hours of the convening of the proposed meeting.

  • This submission must be made to either the County chair or the Executive Secretary and may occur electronically. Official action may be taken only on items listed on the agenda.


Section 7- A proposed agenda may be amended as provided for by Robert’s Rules of Order at the beginning of any meetings, however, only discussion may occur on those items.  No action may be taken until the next called meeting, at which time, those items shall be on the agenda, with proper notice being given to all Precinct Chairs. The requirement to take no action may be waived with two thirds (2/3rds) consent of the MCEC members present and voting.


Section 8- At all Special and Regular Business meetings, a quorum shall consist of twenty-five percent (25%) of the Executive Committee in office at the time the meeting is called to order. If a quorum is not present, motions cannot be voted on or approved.  However, those present may adjourn the meeting to some future date, not to exceed ten (10) calendar days. The twenty-five percent (25%) minimum of persons will be rounded up or down based on any resulting fraction being greater or less than one-half (½). If exactly ½, it shall be rounded up to the next higher number. For business and items called for by the Texas Election code, a quorum shall consist of those members of the Executive Committee present.  The twenty-five percent (25%) quorum rule for the special and regular meetings applies for any other business or items not called for by the Texas Election code.

Section 9- Decorum  All participants shall always conduct themselves in a professional manner and will wait to be recognized by the County Chair before they are allowed to speak. Individuals will raise their hand and wait for affirmation. If anyone fails to follow the rules, or becomes unruly, the sergeant at arms shall give one warning, next infraction will call for removal. If necessary removal will be done by law enforcement.




Section 1- The County Chair shall appoint the Chairmen of Standing and Special Committees to develop plan and make recommendations to the MCEC deemed necessary to carry out the policies of the County Party. Both the number of committees and appointing of committee chairs are subject to the approval of the majority of the MCEC members present and voting.

  • Committee Chairs shall be drawn from the ranks of the MCEC. If one or more MCEC members’ volunteers to Chair a committee and County Chairman fails within 30 days to appoint one of those volunteers, the MCEC may elect by majority vote a committee chair.  This vote may be taken by Electronic means. If no MCEC member will accept the appointment, nonmembers may be appointed by the chair, subject to approval of the MCEC.  Nonmembers may serve as ex-officio members of the MCEC but shall have no note on the MCEC.  The Committee Chair will be responsible for appointing membership on their respective committees. The County Chair shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

  • Committee Chairs who fail to attend three (3) consecutive MCEC meetings may have their position declared vacant. The position may be declared vacant by a majority of the MCEC members present and voting.

  • Standing Committees

  • Commissioners Court

  • School Board

  • Candidate Vetting

  • Youth Republican

  • Election Integrity

Section 2- Each committee shall develop procedures for conducting the business within that committee’s jurisdiction, subject to review and amendment by the MCEC members present and voting.

Section 3- A committee member may be removed from the committee upon recommendation from the Committee Chair or the County Chair with the consent of the MCEC.
Section 4- Special Committees may be appointed to perform duties nor specifically assigned to a standing committee. A Special Committee chair will be appointed by the County Chair subject to the confirmation of the MCEC. The Special Committees shall outline programs in their respective fields for consideration and adoption by the MCEC.  These committees shall be formed only for the duration of their service.  Their chairman will not have a voice or voting rights on the MCEC, unless they are, in their own right, members of the MCEC.




Section 1- The Executive Committee and all other committees shall be governed by the rules contained in the current edition of Robert's rules of Order Newly Revised.  These Rules shall govern the MCEC in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these Bylaws, the Rules of the Party, or any State or Federal statute.




Section 1- These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members of the MCEC present and voting at a properly called meeting of the MCEC by giving notice at the previous regular meeting, or by mailing written notice or electronic notice to each Executive Committee member at least 14 days in advance of a Regular or Special Meeting called for that purpose.  The bylaws amendments must accompany the meeting call.




Endorsement of a candidate is a privilege during primaries and general elections. A candidate who wishes to be endorsed by the MCEC must first request that endorsement in writing and give reasons why they are seeking the MCEC endorsement and what they have done to earn this endorsement. They must also agree to and accept that the MCEC candidate recruitment/vetting committee will thoroughly vet all candidates. The MCEC shall NEVER endorse a candidate that is a democrat, has voted as a democrat in the last five years or has contributed nothing to the Republican party (never attends meetings, volunteered or made any form of contribution, time or funds), or has failed to vote in any of the last five general elections or does not support the planks of the Texas Republican Party or has made a contribution to any legislature or organizations that has violated any of these planks within the last five years.

During a primary the MCEC can, by executive committee, vote to endorse one political candidate for each seat. The MCEC will only execute this clause if it aligns with the Republican Party of Texas principles by protecting the Republican Party of Texas, Medina County Republican Party and the constituents of the districts. The practice of endorsing two, three or four  candidates for the same seat shall not be allowed. During a general election a candidate shall also be vetted by the MCEC. If a candidate who  failed to receive an endorsement by the MCEC is selected during the primary the MCEC has the right to refuse endorsement of that candidate in the general election.

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